Thursday, February 5, 2009

No more TV! Plus de tele!

Soooooo long!
I started to write a post to thank everybody but there are so many people who took care of us that it takes a while! It's coming though!

First of all: I had my best night ever!
Papa supplemented my meal with a bottle and I fell asleep in his arms. He put me to bed at 8pm. I woke up at 12:30 am, 3:30 am and 6:30 am!

My mom was in bed by 8:30 pm but then, I woke up around 9 pm. My papa shushed me in my cradle and I went back to sleep. So my mom fell asleep by 9:30 pm so she feels good about that last night. Also, I have been able to go back to sleep on my own if waking up for no reason. Oh, it has been two nights that I don't have the TV on static anymore, papa and maman realized that after a while, it did not change anything!
During the day, I still need help.

Maman and a mom, Brandin, from the Childbirth class went for a walk around the river for two hours! It was a beautiful day. Sun is good for vitamin D!
The most exercises they have had since Preston and I were born!

I really smile a lot now. Maman has some pictures and video. She will download them on Flickr this week.

That's it, maman et papa are using the next size up for my diapers! Soon enough, I will be big enough for cloth diapers!

Tomorrow, I am going to the doctor. Everytime I had been there, I got poked in the foot, measured and weighed. I suppose I will get weighed and measured again but that's it. Enough poking! Though, I am getting vaccination tomorrow. I don't kow what it is. Well, I will let you know how it went!

Ca fait super longtemps encore! Desole, j'ai commence a ecrire un message pour remercier tout le monde qui nous aide mais il y en a tellement que j'ai pas encore fini! Mais ca arrive.

La nuit derniere, c'etait ma meilleure nuit!
Je suis alle au lit a 20 heures puis, je me suis reveille a minuit et demi, 3h30 et 6h30! Maman s'est couche a 20h30 mais s'est endormie vers 21h30. A 21h00, j'ai commence a me reveiller mais papa est venu me bercer et me faire chchchchch et je me suis rendormi. Je me rendors aussi tout seul la nuit quand je me reveille pour aucune raison. Et sans la tele! Papa et maman l'ont retire parce qu'ils se sont apercu que ca ne faisait plus grand chose.
Pendant la journee, j'ai encore besoin d'aide!

Hier, maman et Brandin, une maman de la classe de prep. a l'accouchement, sont allees se promener avec Preston et moi au bord de la riviere pendant deux heures! C'etait la premiere fois qu'elles ont fait autant d'exercices depuis notre arrivee!
Il faisait super beau: recharge de vitamine D pour tout le monde.

Je souris beaucoup maintenant. Maman a pris des photos et des videos qu'elle telechargera cette semaine sur Flickr.

Ca y est, je suis passe a la taille de couches superieure! Bientot, je serais assez grand pour les couches en tissu!

Demain, je vais chez le docteur! premiers vaccins... je ne sais pas encore ce que ca veut dire, je vous raconterai demain. A chaque fois que je suis alle chez le docteur, je me suis fait pese, mesure et j'ai eu le droit a etre pique dans le pied! J'espere que demain, je ne vais pas encore avoir de piquures, ca suffit comme ca!

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April said...

I love the new pictures. To be in the Fabulet-Roberts family, you need big, blue, round eyes!