Friday, February 5, 2010

Je marche / I walk

Ca y est, depuis cette semaine, c'est officiel, je marche!
Tous les jours de plus en plus. Je suis tres prudent aussi alors la toute petite elevation dans la cuisine, j'y vais tout doucement et parfois, je prefere m'asseoir. Oh, et puis aussi depuis 2/3 semaines, je marche a 4 pattes.

Pour le reste, ca va, je mange toujours autant. Ma mere s'inquiete pour le budget nourriture quand je serai ado!

That's it, starting this week, I am officially walking.
Everyday, I do more. I love it. I am still very prudent. For example, the small step in the kitchen (not really a step), well, I go there very slowly now that I have fallen a few times. Sometimes, when I feel that I don't have the balance, I just go on my fours. Oh, yeah, I can crawl on my fours. This started 2/3 weeks ago.

In general, everything is still good. I still eat like crazy which makes my mom worried about their food budget in a few years when I will be a teenager! ;)


Mrs. Hislop said...

Good job, Mael! We can't wait to see you walking, little buddy.

Sarah said...

I want video or picture proof!