Friday, January 9, 2015


Magnifique village de Drôme - Mirmande
First week back into the routine.
It was a good week on a personal and family level.
There was happiness because it's galette des rois and we celebrated our anniversary. Mael is loving and caring and doing very well. Communicating more and better. Maceo is funny. He is caring too and is entering a new phase of resistance... and I have to remind Mael and ourselves that he is 2 and half.
It was difficult and emotional on a world wide and personal level. And I have spent way too much time on Facebook and the internet on general because of it.
It was productive on some levels.

I have made a couple decisions and because things happened naturally, I won't call them "resolutions" even though it looks like it is...

I will accomplish one thing a day that has to do with my personal projects. I have done so naturally but some days, it would not happened and I will make sure it does.

Because of the events, and going back into routine after almost no internet or media during the vacation, I have decided to not go on Facebook for a while except to post this blog thingy.

I started the week with an hour of exercise with Aude on Monday morning. (Maybe 45 minutes because of giggles...) which should become a recurrent thing.

I am spending the time away from Grenoble, in the mountain, with Aude to work on our project. There will be writing and creativity but also, I am sure, some giggles...

I will be going to my monthly Dance Workshop, my weekly Feldenkrais class and a Slam Poésie Evening. I will buy tickets for Mael and I to go to Modern Dance show.

January is good.

I have not sent any NEW YEAR'S CARDS and we probably won't this year.

LOVE, PEACE AND MORE PEACE are my wishes for the world.

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Kathy Roberts said...

I'm so glad to hear the good things in your life!