Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photomaton mai 2010

Photomaton mai 2010
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Doctor's appointment today
I am 21lbs8oz so almost 10kg
I measure 31inches long
I got two shots and a pokey in my finger.
Met Preston at the doctors coincidentally we had an appointment back to back
Doctor said that if I don't say as many words as a girl but does vrroum and throw a ball well, then I am a normal BOY.
I did say "ch ch" for the train the other day, knows a lot of body part but say "hay" for either eyes/yeux - ears-oreilles.
I climbed in the laundry basket today and got in trouble because I was able to reach for the garage opener and open the garage. Actually I had no idea it does that because I can't see through the window but still the garage opener has a lot of buttons that are fun to just push.
The doctor said that If I bite mom again, I should be put in my crib with just two words from my mom "no bite" and then left there for a few minutes but there are no needs for long lecture...Mom likes that, it's more her way of dealing with kids...a little bit more French.


Mrs. Hislop said...

When Lily bites me, I put her in the middle of the living room floor and tell her "You are in a time out because you bit Mommy." Then I ignore her for one minute. It usually does the job.

No biting is right! They need to stop being biters!

Anonymous said...

MAEL est un clown .quel plaisir de regarder les photos . sa mamoune .